Listen, no actually listen.  Analog sound is better than digital sound.  We, as humans, are analog.  We play instruments and make noise in many analog ways.  Yes, digital has a place but, records, and analog equipment play music the way our ear wants to hear it.  As analog is not compressed and digitized it is more alive, more full, more enjoyable to listen to.  Additionally, none of what you listen to holds its value and is as collectible as original, analog RECORDS!



We have been collecting and evaluating vinyl for over 50 years.  We started into the resale business 20 years ago and found that partnering with vintage stores was the most effective way to reach our audience. 

Quality Vinyl: 

All of it is cleaned, marked with information and priced far below collector's book values. 

We stock several times a week and so the stock is always changing.  We specialize in the 60s-90s.

Material from the 40s-2000s.   45s (7in) and 33 (12 in.)

Stereo Components:

Turntables - vintage, serviced, functional

Record players - suitcase style

Receivers and cassette players

Viewmaster gear - slides, viewers...

Vintage sunglasses from the 50's-80's - hundreds!

Film Cameras - vintage 35 mm, SLR cameras - functional